23 February 2014

CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages.

The pages below were supposed to be pages #16 to #20 from Catwoman #3. This has been one of the few times I´ve been asked to redo pages. Actually I was asked to draw some new pages from a new piece of script. I got an explanation about why DC wanted to change the story and get some new pages done, but I guess it all have to do with the sexy depiction of Selina in these original pages. I didn´t mind at all, since it wasn´t my fault and I got paid for the extra job. The only thing I don´t like is to work on stuff that remains unused.
So I´m showing these pages now, but I must confess I don´t like them at all. I don´t like how Selina looks like when she´s naked. Both the body and the face. I´d like to think today I´d do a much better job, and a bit more classy. The colored pages look much better thanks to Tomeu Morey.
Anyway, this is only an artwise issue I have. The action in this scene was a depiction of who Selina was: a woman taking advantadge of her sexuality to get something from a man. That made sense according on how the character had been approached in the earlier New52.
That´s it. 4 more pages were kept unseen from issue #4, come back tomorrow.
CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March.
CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March

CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March

CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March

CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March
CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March
CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March

CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March

CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March

CATWOMAN #03 unseen pages by Guillem March
All colors by Tomeu Morey 


Jonas Olsson said...

Fantastic Guillem! And I also love the colored pages!

bill harrison said...

man i wish you were still on Catwoman. Tell me you are doing something foe dc soon. love your art

Tony Stark said...

You've never dissappoint me. Great work, as always ;-)
I wish you were still in Catwoman. THIS is Catwoman. Sexy, femine, elegant, queen of DC girls. Worth the Rated T+, but without your work, Selina became the ugliest creature, and still on a T+, who knows why, cuz catwoman nowdays looks like a black mess,spot.

Well, we hope to see you soon :)

Jay042 said...

Out of curiosity, were the changes to issue 3 requested before or after the first issue came out? I was wondering if it had anything to do with all of that bad press about excessive sexism.

MegaGearX said...

It probably was all the bad press from the sex and nudity from DC's big launch titles that were supposed to get casuals to read. Starfire in a skimpy bikini and sleeping with two men, Catwoman in her underwear at the start of the comic and sleeping with Bruce at the end and Voodoo's job as a stripper lit the net on fire.

Anonymous said...

Really.......? I kind of understand based on what I've seen of Catwoman before...but this feels more like Ivy to me....and still....really? Wow....she just got cheaper.

The art is amazing, but the idea is....yeah, I don't have words.

Antonio Davila said...

I'll always wonder what was the dialogue in those pages, I bet it was really good. I liked your run during the first issues in Catwoman and hope you could come back, The one in the penthouse is among my favorites.

Also the variant cover for Superman and Wonder Woman was magnificient.

As much as I like the work Tony Daniel is doing in that book I would also like to see in the future if you could work in an entire issue not only the variant cover.

Phlash Rockinman said...

Just looks like a pathetic cry for attention by DC comics via the comics version of cheap, trashy FX Network type tactics. At the expense of the quality and canon of characters and source material, not to mention a scatological plumbing of the lowest common denominator of human nature, and the lack of class and intelligence so rampant in today's oxygen thief "society".
Also, at BEST this "art" is generic, assembly line, cookie cutter drek in aspect. Jim Balent drew Catwoman better than anyone. Only Richard Corben, Belore, Fastner and Larson, or Dan Brereton might have a hope of doing her justice in comparison.